Comments from our customers
Hi Jacqui - "following your very professional presentation of Tocor's quotation, we wish to order as follows:....."

Debbie in accounts
"Hi there Amanda - further to our earlier conversation, I am very happy to hear that our boxes were of good quality and worked out perfectly for your event......"

"Hi Jacqui - have been so patient and bearing - we really appreciate this - just to let you know that it is through the fantastic service and care we receive, it is a pleasure to continue utilising Tocor"

Debbie in Accounts Department.
"Jacqui - Ek moet jou geluk wens met jou uitstekende manier waarop jy moontlike bestellings opvolg!"

Wikus Viljoen.
"Dear Jacqui - Thank you for your friendly manner on the phone today" Herewith our order ..... Thank you so much for quoting the same price as last year, it is highly appreciated"

Irma Albers
"Morning Sonja - Thank you for the gift bags, the wait was definitely worth it, they are stunning everybody loved them. Thank you for your assistance it is much appreciated."

Samantha Morris